Client services


Exceptional financial talent is in greater demand now than perhaps ever before.

M&M Consulting tailors our search services to the requirements of individual projects, enabling our teams to best help clients and candidates achieve their business and professional goals.

M&M prides itself on being a team of premier finance recruiters that succeed only when our clients succeed.

We make sure that the candidates our finance recruiting experts present have the proficiencies required for each position. We also spend considerable time and research to ensure that they have important intangible talents as well, including:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Coachability
  • Decision-making skills
  • The ability to work in a team environment
  • The ability to maintain positive relationships


To be effective people need to work togeather towards a common goal in a decision-making environment. The right head coach rallies the team around that goal. However, identifying that goal is easier said than done. Coordinating a group of people can also be extremely difficult due to a difference in skill set and life experience. At Maverick and Maven Consulting, we would like to help implement a strategy for your team that will help resolve those problems. If you are thinking about re-inventing that goal or establishing one for the first time but need help to organizing the team in working together to achieve it, we are here for you.

What We Offer Our Corporate Clients

We’ll link you with a Financial Consultant who has complementary industry expertise to help you set realistic career goals, formulate market compensation targets and develop a marketing plan focused on specific industries and companies. Our first step is to identify your unique attributes and assess the marketplace. We will then engage in a systematic process to position you for a strategic career step aligned with your skill set and compensation requirements. Acting as a personal career advisor, M&M Consultants can assess your market worth, explore potential companies and present your credentials to senior-level executives needing “game changers” to move their companies forward.

Our commitments to clients